Our Favorite Wedding Ideas… by our brides!


Through the years we have seen some great wedding ideas that makes us go like: “WOW! I’ve never seen that before!” Maybe some of the ideas are already popular and some might not but I hope that by sharing these few favorites your creative juices are encouraged to look for that something that will make your guests be like: WOW! I’ve never seen this before!

Angelica’s Quinceañera!


When a young lady like Angelica turns 15 you have to celebrate with her! Angelica is as sweet as her name. …Click Read more for the full gallery of photos and summary of the day.

Liz + Chris Dream Day


When you know, you know! Yes, it could take two weeks or two years but when you know that you have found your perfect love you just know. Liz and Christopher Camargo were wed on 4/27/2013 at the beautiful greens at the Tucson Golf Club on South Alvernon. This gorgeous, young lady had it all planned with the help of her sweetheart, friends, and family. For about a year, I saw the plans unfold one by one. Her hair was amazingly done by Juan at Esquidio’s Hair Salon. Everyone was very complimentary about how beautiful Liz looked. Everything had to be perfect, and perfect it was. As her guests gathered at the greens, the expectation grew. When the proud parents of both Liz and Chris walked in, the cheers grew louder and stronger! Great job by both set of parents! You both did a wonderful job raising these two love birds… Click Read more for the full gallery of photos and summary of the day.

My Favorite You Tube wedding Videos…


Greetings to all. You Tube definitively changed the way that we look and access videos. Actually one of my favorite past times is to sit with my wife and watch wedding videos from You Tube. People really have a lot of imagination when it comes to weddings and proposals! Here is a compilation of some of my favorites videos!

Love Story Presentations…


Today I want to talk about Love Story Presentations. Imagine this; It’s your wedding day and you are surrounded by all your friends and families and you are living a moment that you have dreamed and planned for for a long time. It’s the closing of a chapter in the book of your life and the opening of a new one. What a great ocassion to tell the story that lead to this day. At your chosen moment during your reception the lights goes out and the audience is invited to look at the video screen. There at the sound of your special song combined with beautiful and skillfully recorded video clips your story unfolds in front of your guests. The Love Story is really a special treat during your reception that is guaranteed to bring tears to many of your guests. More…

Reflections At The Buttes…


One of the first things that you will have to consider when planning your wedding day is the venue or the wedding site.  We are lucky in Tucson to have some of the most beautiful venues to plan your wedding day. Today we would like to highlight one of our favorite places called Reflections At The Buttes. Bordering the beautiful Catalinas Mountains, Reflections is one place that you will want to have on top of your list when checking venues in Tucson. This place not only offers you the convenience of celebrating your ceremony and reception at the same place but it also has a natural beauty that will enhance the ambience of your special day. More…

What is a Wedding Highlight?

Greetings to all!

Hope you all are having a great January. Today I would like to talk about wedding highlghts. Many brides ask us during wedding shows or on one on one meetings what exactly is a wedding highlight. The answer to this is very simple, a wedding highlight is a musical video of your wedding day which highlight the special moments of the event. This is the typical video that you would share with friends and family on Facebook or You Tube. A highlight can be anything from 3 to 5 or 6 minutes long depending on the song and can include voice overs of the bride and groom saying their vows. We usually use the song of your first dance as this seems to always be the favorite song of the couple but we can pretty much use any song you like. We can always hint you on songs or if you let us we will pick a song for you. More…

Your Wedding Vendors…


Good morning to all!

Again, I’m very excited to start this new project and look forward to contribute to the success of your special day! The subject that I would like to “talk” today is your Wedding Vendors. I don’t think I need to define that much what wedding vendors means but for the sake of establishing a foundation, I will define your wedding vendors as any company, group or individuals which you pay to perform a specific job during your wedding day. Of course, wedding vendors are different from friends and family that help you during the big day because vendors are usually registered business with licenses and authorized to operate as a business in the city and or state where you reside. They collect taxes for their services and should be bonded and insured. They posses unique skills, products or abilities that can contribute to that special touch on your wedding day. More Below…


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